Dayly for BlackBerry 10

Dayly for BlackBerry 10

A native and ‘best in class’ diary and journal app for BlackBerry 10.

Remember every moment, write notes, take pictures, and tag them with the current location and weather.

New features in v1.0.3.1

* New Calendar view
* New feature for picking locations from Map
* New feature for editing weather (temperature, humidity etc)
* New feature for picking metadata (date time and location) from pictures
* New Dropbox Cloud storage (Backup, Restore, Sync)
* Customisable font color and size
* Full screen picture view
* Option to enable/disable auto logging of location and weather
* Optional reverse geocoding using BlackBerry Map Services or Google Places API
* Minor bug fixes and improvements

* Write and edit your diary entries
* Take pictures with camera or add from the device/sdcard
* Tag your diary journal entries with GPS location
* Tag your diary journal entries with the current weather
* View entries by pictures, locations or weather
* Protect your diary journal with a password
* Mark diary entries as favorites.
* Search your diary journal entries
* Pictures are now stored within the app
* Camera pictures taken within the app are only available within the app
* Backup all diary entries and pictures to a Dayly zip file
* Restore diary entries and pictures from a Dayly zip file
* Delete all entries